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Anal sex in arab countries

Anal sex in arab countries

For over 30 years, Arab countries have practised anal intercourse as the primary form of birth control. Although many countries have abolished this practice in recent times, some still practise it. In some Arab nations, it is a matter of choice for the women whether they will allow their men to have pre-marital intercourse. 

For centuries, anal sex, like a xnxx sex,  has been a taboo in Arab societies. Even in conservative countries like Morocco, where anal sex is a social problem, it is not something that is openly discussed. The reason for this is fear of judgement by God and the community. Anal sex is often viewed as an activity between a man and his wife. However, it is not uncommon for Arab men to have anal sex with other men, both local and from abroad. With the increasing acceptance of anal sex in the west, the practice has begun to gain popularity among the Arab population all over the world.


In Afghanistan, anal sex is not only an offensive act, it is also a rite of passage. Young boys going into puberty are made to undergo it by their elders. Afterward, they take it upon themselves to seek happiness and material prosperity in their tribal and Muslim communities. They view this activity as a way of procreation, of passing on the legacy of Islam, and as a way of passing on lessons of love and camaraderie. However, it is not only men who undergo anal intercourse, as it is a very common form of sexual activity among females as well. The young teenage boys and girls do it out of a sense of honour and duty to their elders. Some teenagers take it up as a means of rejecting responsibility. This type of thinking is common among certain age groups in the Muslim culture, especially amongst the haves. However, anal sex does not carry the same stigma as female genitalia in the eyes of conservative society. For centuries now, anal sex has been viewed as a sexual dysfunction that carries with it disgrace and mental anguish. In some places, it is even a requisite for marriage. In the worst cases, anal sex is associated with things like prostitution and adult entertainment. In countries where it is a popular pastime, it is usually the men who are not contented with that.


In today's world, however, anal sex is seen as a progressive movement. It is part of a wide spread liberation of sexual expression that includes gay and lesbianism. Many people regard anal sex as a form of sexual procreation. It is not something to be ashamed of, nor is it condemned in anyway. In fact, it is slowly gaining acceptance from all segments of society, including the conservative sections. Some people even hold it in as high esteem as anal intercourse. Despite its wide acceptance in the world today, anal sex is still largely frowned upon in certain circles. Though the taboo has largely gone away, there are still certain conservative groups that would never approve of it. These people would take offense at anal sex. The occurrence of HIV/AIDS in this part of the world has only made things worse for the anti-gay and lesbian community. Many have blamed the HIV epidemic on anal sex, and claim that it facilitates the transmission of the disease. Watch sexual anal sex for Arab girls on xnxxarabsex.com


Regardless of the many objections, anal sex continues to exist. Many people still enjoy engaging in the activity. It may not be as popular as it was in the old days, but it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. What will happen to the taboo when people enjoy uninhibited lovemaking?